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Local Agent for Global Demand

who we are

First Aero Services is a prime local agent in Syria that is providing consistent and exceptional services in Syria for worldwide flight operators who operate to Syria or go over Syrian aerospace.

We started our company in 2005 and have become very well known of our friendly and expertise on ground.


Your Handling Agent in Syria

Whether you are a service provider, a private jet operator, a commercial cargo operator or a commercial passenger operator; and you have a flight to any of the Syrian International Airports or have a flight over Syrian aerospace; then we are here to receive your request and help you make your journey smooth and easy.

what we do


We deliver essential ground handling, fueling and flight permits for any flight that goes to and over our territory.

Our range of services includes ground handling, fueling, catering at any of the airports in Syria, in addition to the related logistic services of hotel booking, visas for crew and transportation to and from the airport to any location in the country.  

A variety of other world-class services with exceptional customer service is what distinguish us from others.


Our Promise

Land at any airport in Syria and you’ll receive a friendly, warm greeting and exceptional service. Our Team are speaking Arabic natively and English fluently and have long experience in working with planes and coordinating with crew members and local authority team. Not only this; our dedicated flight operations team is happy to respond to all your enquiries around the clock.

Our Mission

Run one-stop-shop of smooth and superior ground handling services, fueling, ramp services and flight permits. 

Our Vision

To become your partner in Syria which provides tailor-made quality aviation services that meet all customer’s needs and requirements.


Name, Title

At First Aero Services, we treat our customers like long term partners

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