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Second to None Handling Agent
Handling The Humanitarian Flights in Syria

First Aero Services is a prime local agent in Syria that is providing full ground handling services in the Syrian Airports for worldwide flight operators, UNHAS, WFP, Humanitarian and Aid Flights.

Handling the Humanitarian Flights in Syria by First Aero Services

Our Services

When you have a flight to the Syrian airports or that requires to overfly Syrian aerospace, we will be happy to serve your flight

Our Services

Permits to overfly or to land.

Syrian over-flight and landing permits are mandatory to overfly Syrian aerospace or land at any of the airports in Syria ...

Ground handling

you can rely on our team who will arrange all your ground handling services, meet and assist, facilitate all procedures in the airport ....


We arrange fueling to all types of aircraft at all international Syrian airports with a very competitive prices  and ...


Catering orders can easily be processed to your crew. Catering can be ordered as part of your handling or as a separate order ...


Despite the current situation that has gone in Syria since 2011, Syria is back to normal gradually. We all know that Syria is ...


There are no big numbers of five stars hotels in Syria but our long term relationships with all rated hotels in the country will guarantee ...

Why First Aero Services

First Aero services strategy is to be positioned as the most superior aviation partner in Syria. We established relationships with clients who are looking for a service provider that creates no conflict of interests, with no international competition, and who is dedicated to provide total care and efforts to serve you in Syria.

FAS private lounge at the ramp, in Damascus Airport

The remarkable choice of First Aero Services that it has its own ramp lounge in Damascus International airport where your crew members can take a break, have coffee, use internet and watch tv when they arrive or before the departure at the time they are waiting for the passengers or the cargo onload/offload, the FAS lounge is just in the ramp so the crew members can monitor their aircraft and be nearby for any work they may need to fulfill.



Meet our professional team who will take your call, answer your enquiry promptly so we ensure our services are provided in the class and care you're looking for.

Yasser Falo

General Manager


Capt. Imad Zalkat

Operations Manager


Basel Meridn

Station Manager


Mohamad Hmesha

Customer Support Manager


Handling The Humanitarian Flights in Syria



Humanitarian Flights into Syria - Ministry of Transportation 07th February 2023

Syrian civil airports are fully prepared and ready to receive aid planes, assistance and support for the repercussions of the earthquake that struck our country yesterday. We announce a full alert of the cadres and crews serving the movement of aircraft and its requirements around the clock.

Landing permits for aid planes are given based on requests and coordination with the civil aviation authorities in a number of brotherly and friendly countries. All procedures for servicing them, facilitating their tasks and unloading aid will be presented in coordination with the concerned authorities.

Humanitarian Flights

Handling the Humanitarian Flights in Syria by First Aero Services

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